Couple in Bed, Photography from Lauren Louise Collective

We’re interested in documenting your story, not directing it. We're interested in prompting you, rather than posing you.


We're interested in the authenticity of your relationship with the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with. We're interested in capturing the intimate interactions between the two of you without being intrusive.


We’re interested in getting to know you.

Some of the best photos we've taken were created out of an understanding of our couple's unique relationship with one another and a mutual trust between us and the couple. The more we know who you are and your reason for joining together in marriage, the more we're able to anticipate your emotions + movements throughout the day. From the first e-mail exchange to your engagement session to your portraits as husband + wife, we'll be reminding you the reason for hiring us; that you have found the one person you can't live without and you have chosen to spend your life together. And if that isn't a reason to document your love; if that isn't a reason to get lost in one another and allow me to document your authentic, true relationship, than we don't know what is.