Taking Your Photography to the Next Level: A Self-Paced Course

Taking Your Photography to the Next Level: A Self-Paced Course

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Are you ready to invest in yourself and take your wedding photography to the next level? In this 6 part, self-paced course you'll learn how to shoot more of what you love while creating, maintaining, and nurturing your brand. I'll teach you how to build trust between you and your clients so that their big-day images can unfold naturally and authentically. I'll also help you get started on some of the harder business tasks like filing taxes, getting insurance, and saving for the future. Each part of the course also comes with hands-on activities for self-reflection and analyzation. 

You'll also receive access to our private Facebook group where you can ask me and other folks in the group questions about the course, and for general support throughout your creative journey! 

The Topics: 

Client Interaction - How to build trust from your first email exchange. 

Posing Your Clients - How to guide rather than direct your clients to create genuine emotion. 

Finding Your Ideal Client - Figure out who they are, where to find them, and how to keep them. 

Social Media + Marketing - The ins and outs of marketing with Facebook and Instagram.

Blogging + SEO - What the heck is it and how to use it to your advantage. 

Pricing + Knowing Your Worth - Learn how to value you work and charge what you're worth. 

*When you purchase this course, you will be emailed a link and a password within 24 hours of purchase date. 

What People are Saying about the Course!

"I am so thankful you included a section about taxes and the scary stuff. Strangely, those elements of owning a small business aren't discussed as widely in the creative industry, and they're SO important! The things you mentioned in that section were great reminders for me as a newly married gal - I'm still figuring out how to "adult" let alone run a business responsibly. But now, I can confidently take steps in the right direction in that area! So thank you! I also LOVED your explanation of SEO. I have always been intimidated by all the keyword and tag options in Lightroom and on my website because I had no idea what they meant or did! Thank you for breaking down all of that information in a concise and organized way that makes it easy for me to begin implementing it in my business! Also, thank you for introducing me to Google Forms! I love it!" -Amanda B

"Amazing course! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge." -Mishaun A

"I feel so honored I got a peek at your upcoming course; thank you so much for sharing! I think you have so much to offer, especially to creatives that just need a little hand holding to guide them in the right direction." -Breanna K

"This course is awesome! You absolutely know what you are doing and I feel like this course is very helpful in providing truly valuable content, ideas and tips that can be applied to a lot of types of photography." -Larissa W

"I can't tell you how helpful this course was! It really made me think critically about my photography and taking it to the next level. I also love the assignments (never said that before...) At the end of it, I have tangible results from the course that I can look back on and refer to. I would highly recommend this to a friend." -Emma F

"This [course] was awesome! Excited to use these practices, especially when guiding subjects for portraits and any sort of shoot." -Kara S

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