Everyone needs a mentor.  Whether you’re just beginning and need someone to light the spark or if you’re a seasoned photographer and need to stay inspired, photography is a constant area of growth and I’ve learned that the best way to do so is from other creatives in the field. The level of support and guidance I gain from my current mentors acts as a constant source of inspiration for my work, and that is what I hope to provide for you.

If you’re a beginner, topics can include anything from the photography basics (shooting in manual mode and mastering the exposure triangle), to using your DSLR camera, posing, composition, and basic editing techniques. If you already know the basics and you’re looking for some extra guidance and support, topics can include workflow and post production, business + financial matters, client interaction, storytelling, developing your own style and posing.

I am also available for a Portfolio Review where we’ll take a look at your work together and discuss image selection and your ideal client. (I suggest this session to all of my mentees.)

What my Mentees are saying…

I loved hearing what your process and interaction is with clients from start to finish. It felt good to know that I’m on the right track in how I guide clients with styling and expectations for the shoot! It was really helpful to see how you interact with couples and prompt them with fun and engaging games and movements to bring out genuine emotions and reactions. Sometimes I feel goofy or awkward demonstrating things to clients or asking different questions, but after working with you I’m realizing more and more that it’s ok to be a little loose and silly if the couple is having a good time! I learned SO much from our portfolio review and can’t thank you enough for your suggestions. I immediately starting implementing some of your ideas and am feeling really good about how my site is looking and flowing.
— Jackie Wallace, Portfolio Review + Guided Styled Shoot Mentee
Lauren’s Guided Style Shoot was such a surprise to me. I’ve been to workshops and photo walks and have bought probably thousands worth of education material, but I always felt a little bit unsatisfied with what I got. Lauren proposed to share her technique, the way she interacts with clients to get fun, dynamic images, and my goodness, she delivered. I came out of the shoot with so many new ways to make my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and really have fun instead of just “pretend fun”. I can’t thank Lauren enough for being so opened and willing to share her expertise.
— Elisenda Ilinares, Portfolio Review + Guided Styled Shoot Mentee
From the beginning, Lauren was super welcoming, and there was a constant line of communication about what I was hoping to gain from my mentorship. I was able to have a personalized plan throughout my classes, including being able to see what Lauren’s day-to-day is like. Over the course of my mentoring sessions, I learned more about the editing process in Lightroom, the business side of things, finances, and help in creating my own website.  

I also used a few of my mentoring sessions to learn and shoot at live photography shoots with Lauren. The hands on experience had a huge impact on the way I approach photography sessions, from start to finish. Lauren is vocal through her process of shooting, which made for a great learning experience. I was able to build my portfolio this way, and improve each time. After the hands-on experience, she’d sit down with me and critique my work.  In doing this, I’ve learned to create a more cohesive breadth of work.

Lauren is not only an extremely talented and creative photographer/entrepreneur, but she is truly an amazing individual who has a gift for mentoring.  She is ever-giving with her time and knowledge and is passionate about her work and people.  Obvious in her encouragement, Lauren is someone who cares about you and your growth as a photographer.  I am forever grateful for my time with Lauren and would highly recommend her as both a photographer and a mentor.
— Jordan Elyse, One on One Mentee