Our Philosophy

We’re interested in documenting your story, not directing it.

We’re interested in the authenticity of your relationship with the person you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with.

We’re interested in capturing the intimate interactions between the two of you without being intrusive. 

We’re interested in designing a wedding that looks and feels like you.


We’re interested in getting to know you.



All of our favorite wedding moments were created out of an understanding of our couples’ unique relationship with one another and a mutual trust between our team and the couple. The more we know who you are and your reason for joining together in marriage, the better we’re able to design a wedding that looks and feels like you. This will help us anticipate your emotions and movements throughout the day for more genuine wedding day images. Throughout the planning process and any time you’re in front of our lens, we’re going to be reminding you why you’re planning a wedding in the first place: you've found the one person you can’t live without and that is worth documenting. And if that isn't a reason to document your love; if that isn't a reason to get lost in one another and allow us to capture your authentic, true selves, then we don't know what is.

why we believe in a team

At Lauren Louise Collective, we celebrate love of all kinds by embracing our couples’ genuine love for one another as well as their unique vision and style. From photography and wedding films to planning and design, we believe that love is in the details; the simple, seemingly small moments that you’ll keep coming back to long after your wedding day. While we believe that the details are important, we never want our couples to feel overwhelmed with all of the options that come with planning a wedding. Our team provides high-end wedding services with a genuine love for what we do that allows you to enjoy these moments and creates space for you to reflect on the things that matter most on your wedding day. We strongly believe that hiring wedding vendors that know and love working with another makes a difference in the overall feeling and style of the day. We focus on creating a collaborative experience for all of your vendors and strive for authenticity in everything we do in order for your true personalities to be shared and displayed throughout your day.


 Meet Our Team


Lauren Louise // Owner + Lead Photographer

It’s no surprise that Lauren’s work revolves around documenting love. Lauren was born and raised in a quiet seaside town on the South Shore of Long Island. She grew up in a place where good, strong love grows with parents who have been together since they were 16 years old. They taught her that true love grows in the face of hardship and, as strong believers in their faith, that love is, indeed, patient and kind. They taught her that love is a choice, and that you must choose love each and every day, intensely and without fear. And so as soon as Lauren realized that wedding photography didn’t have to be posed and mechanical; that she could shoot weddings from a more organic and authentic lens; that she could document a story, not direct one, she was hooked. She started to seek out like-minded couples who wanted her to tell their unique story and who were equally as passionate about love as she was. “I truly believe that no one one else has a story like yours and that it’s my job as your photographer to tell that story in the most genuine and authentic way possible.”



Morgan joanna // lead film maker

Morgan learned everything she knows about film making from her dad, a pastor in Western New York. “He didn't teach me the science of film making. Instead, he taught me the art of story telling.” Morgan believes that anyone with the technical skill can film a wedding but it takes empathy, open-mindedness, and a passion for the art of story telling to compile that footage into a living, breathing story. “Hanging out with our couples and their wedding guests, filming them, and creating a visual story is fun for me; and I think that genuine love of my craft is one of my greatest strengths.” We think so, too. Morgan joined the LLC team to feel part of a community (the “girl gang,” as she likes to call it.) “Being a part of a team with the same passion and goals is an absolute must for my creative energy to flourish. Everyone benefits, especially the couples we’re serving, when all members of the wedding day love working together. Being a part of the collective guarantees that everyone gets the best possible photographs, footage, and experience that they possible can.”



elizabeth carberry // lead planner + Designer

Elizabeth’s planning + design expertise comes from years of experience planning weddings and events across a multitude of industries. She’s one of the most connected women in Washington DC, pairing our couples with only the best vendors. With each of our couples, Elizabeth starts from scratch as we strongly believe that no two couples are alike. She’ll develop an aesthetic that both achieves the vision of our clients and hire vendors that believe in executing the same vision and uphold the same standards as the Lauren Louise Collective. Elizabeth’s favorite part of the wedding process is planning the details. “I love seeing all the little pieces come together. Pulling together florals, napkin folds, chairs and lighting to complete a clients’ vision is what fuels my work.” In addition to Elizabeth’s talents as a designer, she’s extremely organized, as any good planner should be, and committed to giving our couples a truly unparalleled experience. (Three days after Elizabeth gave birth to her second child, she was holding a planning call in her hospital bed with one of our 2019 couples- yeah, she’s THAT committed and we freaking love her for it.) When Elizabeth isn’t hiring vendors and styling tablescapes, she can be found baking with her kiddos or catching the Patriots game on Sunday afternoons.



SAMIA JRAB // LEAD Associate Photographer

Samia is the newest addition to the LLC team and brings the most friendly and personable attitude to each and every session and wedding she photographs! She’s inspired by her mom, who has encouraged her to never doubt her talents and worth. Her favorite part about working as a photographer for LLC is getting to know all of the amazing couples we work with; learning what’s important to them and what they’re most excited about makes her work extremely meaningful. She is confident in her ability to make our couples feel comfortable in front of the camera by fostering a light, easy-going relationship with them which she finds an extremely rewarding part of her job. “The work I do comes from a strong desire to help the couples I’ve come to know and love preserve their most cherished memories.” Samia’s favorite part of a wedding day is the “getting ready” portion of the day. “I love seeing the look on the bride’s face when I arrive and feeling all of the excitement and energy of the day!” She also loves photographing the First Dance, “I love it when the song mirrors their personalities and relationship- it’s always so unique and personal!” On Samia’s days off, you can find her at the movies, thrifting or reading a good book.