The Guided Styled Shoot

The Guided Styled Shoot was born from the idea that education should be accessible and inclusive. While I believe that my one-on-one mentoring sessions are invaluable, I also know that not everyone is in the stage of their photography journey to make that kind of investment. By participating in these monthly portfolio builders, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and shoot along side Lauren Louise at a styled engagement or bridal type session with models and/or real couples. During each shoot, you’ll have the opportunity to observe how I interact with my subjects/couples and ask me questions about the process, my settings - whatever you want. You’ll then get the chance to photograph yourself with my guidance. While it’s certainly not required, I recommend that photographers attend more than one so that he/she can focus on a certain skill during each session. Maybe this month you focus on how you interact with your couple and the next you focus on shooting in direct sunlight. These shoots are designed to educate, challenge, inspire, and give you the confidence you need to photograph real couples in love. You’ll be able to use the photos you take in your portfolio and across your social media platforms so these are really awesome portfolio builders, too!