a cinematic film for couples who value the art of genuine and authentic storytelling


the days of pulling out that two-hour-long VHS on your anniversary only to fast forward to the good parts is positively over. Enter, The Highlight Film: a cinematic film for couples who value the art of storytelling and want to watch their wedding film all year long. 


This is the Modern Day Wedding Film.

We'll film what actually happens on your wedding day, focusing on all the good, juicy parts. No forced, uncomfortable moments. Whether you're hiring us for both photography and videography or just videography, we always let the photographer take the lead. We understand the importance of an artist's vision as well as the wedding's overall vibe, so working well with other vendors is our top priority.

If you're hiring our videographer to film your wedding, you also have the option to bring her along for your engagement session, too. It's wonderful practice in front of the camera, and a super unique way to capture your every day life together. When you're old and grey you can look back on this film and remember how you once were, young + in love, and share this with your children, and your children's children. How cool is that?