Okay, ladies. Whether you’re doing this for yourself or for your partner, my main goal of shooting your boudoir session is to make you feel like a GD queen. Everyone goes into this feeling a little apprehensive but I can assure you that everyone walks out feeling like Beyonce. From the minute you sign up to the last second of your shoot, I’ll be coaching you along the way: I’ll tell you where to shop, what pieces photograph best, how to pose and how to feel confident in front of the camera. Last year I even booked a boudoir session for myself so that I could better understand what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera - I can totally relate and I will absolutely make sure you look your best.


There are two different ways for you to book a boudoir session with me. You can schedule a Boudoir Party for you and your girlfriends or you can schedule a Private Session just for you. Both include similar offerings, however, by booking a boudoir party, you’re saving a bit of $$ because you’re doing it with friends. For booking a private session, there are also a couple of added extras in the collection including more time in front of the camera and all of the digital files. Offering two different options was born from the idea of wanting to empower as many women as possible through boudoir. We also offer Boudoir Marathons (offered on quarterly scheduled dates, four times per year) - these do sell out fast, however, so make sure you get on our email list to be the first to know about the next scheduled date!

My goal is to make women of all kinds feel confident, loved, and EMPOWERED in front of my lens.


Press Play to See What a Private Session is like!


Weekday and (limited) weekend availability

1-2 Hour Session (We shoot until we feel comfortable with what we’ve got)

Unlimited Edited, High Resolution Digital Files

Over Night Stay at The Line Hotel or hotel with similar style

Private, Online Gallery


Press Play to see what a Boudoir Party is like!


Up to 5 Individual Sessions for You and Your Friends

50 Minute Session Each

30 Edited, High Resolution Digital Files Each

Over Night Stay at The Line Hotel or hotel with similar style

Private, Online Gallery

$500/Girl (Must have at least 4 girls to get this rate)


Video Add On // $450

Our in-house videographer, Morgan, offers a boudoir film add on that can be included in either the private session or a boudoir party! If adding to a private session, you’ll spend about 45 minutes to an hour with Morgan either before or after your photoshoot as she films footage for a one minute fine art boudoir film. If you’re adding the film to a boudoir party, Morgan will spend about an hour with you and your friends filming ya’ll getting ready, hanging out, and popping champagne bottles. Check out samples of each here!

Private Fine Art Film

Boudoir Party Film




Yes! If your friend books a private session with us, you’ll both receive a $50 album credit to put towards a boudoir album. If you and your friend want to book your private sessions on the same day and share the hotel room, you’ll both receive $50 off your private session fee.


I don’t shoot “light and airy” like everyone else. I shoot boudoir in a way that’s real, sexy, and authentic. Shadows are your best friend- while I encourage my clients to love their bodies as they are, I do my best to use shadows in a creative way to highlight what makes you beautiful.


Black, Red, Jewel Tones, and Whites photograph best. Avoid neon at all costs. // Straps, High Cut, Mesh and Lace are always visually pleasing. // Body Suits, Body Suits, Body Suits. (Did I say Body Suits?) // Naked looks good, too, but only if ya wanna. // Check out The Great Eros | For Love + Lemons | Bluebella | Thistle + Spire // Pro Tip: Wear loose clothing the morning of your shoot as tight leggings or ankle socks can leave unflattering marks on your skin. 


If getting pampered the morning of your session is going to make you feel like Beyonce, then yes please! We recommend using Glamsquad. If you're a first time Glamsquad user, use referral code lmiller9606 for $25 off. (If entering the code doesn’t work, use this link.)


If you book a Boudoir Party, you’ll get your pick of 30 edited, high resolution digital files to keep from your gallery with the option to purchase more. If you book a Private Session, you get to keep them all. Each gallery, no matter the session, includes about 75 images. Private sessions are delivered within two weeks. Boudoir Party sessions are delivered within 4-6 weeks.


Definitely! We offer prints directly through your online gallery as well as hand-designed, leather-bound layflat album options in an 8x8, 10x10, or 12x12. Due to the nature of the photographs, we work with a small album design company that only works with professional photographers.

Where can i see more of your work?

Check out our boudoir portfolio on our website or our separate boudoir Instagram page.


Kinds Words

This was way outside of my comfort zone, but Lauren is so down to earth and, I don’t know how she does it, but within seconds she makes you feel like you’ve known each other forever. For each pose Lauren modeled it first and then gave little verbal adjustments AND was complimentary throughout. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to hear that you’re looking great and doing perfect when all you can think is “am I doing this right, do I look like an idiot?” And then, obviously, the most important part: the results. Holy. Crap. I look freaking amazing. I’m a pretty private person, but I sent a shot of my ass to a bunch of my girlfriends because I could NOT believe how good it looked. I am hyper-critical of myself and am never happy with how I look in pictures, but Lauren basically made me look like an underwear model.

Oh man - I read all those reviews that say “I can’t believe that’s me” and I didn’t believe it - but seriously, I can’t believe that’s me! I keep looking at them and I’m surprised every time. Thank you so much!! What a cool experience!

I don’t know what to say other than THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the gift of gorgeous photographs with booty photos that I love (did I just say that??) but for the entire experience. I can’t put into words how special it was and what a confidence boost you gave me - you make it so much fun and allowed me to be me in my own skin. My husband is out of town and I just sent the gallery to him- He said, This is how I see you.

Holy shit. I’ve never seen myself like this before. You’re phenomenal. I couldn’t wait to show my husband. He was speechless and sends his thanks. The editing is amazing and your turn around time is so fast! I am just blown away by your work. The little time we worked together, I felt like we’ve known each other for awhile. Seriously, Lauren...thank you so much.
— SH, Boudoir Marathon

Thank you for inspiring me to do something that I would never imagine doing - EVER (ask my husband)! YOU made this happen and are giving all of us a gift! Cant wait to share with my husband and REALLY EXCITED for the next one! You hooked me! Thank you!
— GM, Private Session

I want to do it again!
— BG, Boudoir Marathon

These are SO good! Thank you for making me feel like a total badass. Something after having a baby I just didn’t think was possible. I love these so much.
— SM, Private Session
OMG! Thank you! I can’t believe that’s me! You truly know how to capture everyone’s unique beauty.
— JR, Boudoir Marathon

Lauren, stop! You are a WIZARD! These are incredible. Thank you for making the process so easy - I was so nervous at first but you made the whole shoot feel so comfortable. I’ve been raving about you to ALL of my girlfriends!
— ML, Boudoir Party

I did this as a gift for my fiancé for my wedding but as much as I know he’ll love these photos it has honestly been the best gift I could have ever given myself. So thank you, Lauren, not only for this experience and amazing photos but most importantly for bringing out a confidence in myself I didn’t know existed!
— SM, Boudoir Marathon

Lauren was so so wonderful and encouraging the entire shoot, a coach and a cheerleader all at the same time, and it really let me open up and be comfortable. I’m not always the most confident in my body, but I didn’t feel like for even a second when shooting (and not just because of the champagne!). Honestly, I felt like wonder woman, and the amazing photos showed that confidence.

GIRL! I am literally crying at work. Thank you for bringing together the most perfect group of women — I have not been able to stop raving about how fun and beautiful and EMPOWERING yesterday was! It was nothing short of magical.

I’m still over the moon about this experience. I’ve told anyone who will listen about how much positivity it has given me; it made me realize how easy it can be to move with confidence if you’re surrounded by the right people.

My boudoir session with Lauren exceeded my expectations! I was, of course, nervous but Lauren is so kind and encouraging I wound up having so much fun! Lauren is beyond talented - my photos turned out so beautifully and tasteful. I was so comfortable I even did some topless shots which turned out to be some of my favorites!

I feel like a freaking goddess after that experience. Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— BC, Private Session

I am crying. Like, WHAT? HOW? I really have no words. How in the actual F%#% are you so talented? I needed this so badly. You have NO idea how much these mean to me.
— JR, Private Session