Rachel + Nolan | Downtown Washington DC Portrait Session


I was casually perusing some local DC hashtags on Instagram the other morning when I came across a snap of these two babes. I was immediately drawn to their laid-back, but put-together style and their local vibe. (Which is funny, because neither of them are originally from DC, like me.) I reached out to Rachel and asked if her and Nolan would in a shoot at a location I had had my eye on for some time. Luckily for me, they didn't find my request to photograph them in a remote part of DC on a cliff over the Potomac creepy at all. Score! Rachel + Nolan are so fun to be around, and HELLO- they showed up wearing my brand's colors. Match (or threesome?) made in heaven. 

Anywho. These folks are so rad and I'm stoked that social media has the power to connect like minded people with the intention of creating a community, in an otherwise large city. Enjoy!