Boudoir Photography FAQS | Washington DC Boudoir Photographer

Gentlemen? If you're reading this, it's time for some serious chick-talk so now is your time to step away from the wedding planning (you're welcome) and let us do our thing. GIRLS // You want to do this. And the excuse "But I have no one to give it to" has officially gone out the window because you're about to marry the dude that makes you feel the best you've felt in your whole darn life. You've chosen each other, so it's time to say goodbye to those insecurities and start celebrating the bad-ass lady that you are. Whether you're doing this just for you or you plan on gifting the images to your fiancé as a wedding present, you're about to feel like A QUEEN.  

I know, I'll be half naked in front of a stranger and you have stretch marks and you think your sexy face is lame. I've heard it all. But listen. Almost all of the girls that I've photographed walk into their boudoir session feeling apprehensive but ALL of them (and I mean ALL of them) have walked out feeling like a total BAD.ASS. We flip those insecurities a big ole' middle finger by encouraging ourselves to love, cherish, and celebrate our best selves. 



"Okay, Okay. I'll do it. But I have a few questions, first..." 

What should I wear? // Wear pieces that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. Choose lingerie that accentuates the parts of you that you want to show and embrace, and don't forget to stay true to your personal style. If you feel sexy in your fiance's old band t-shirt then ROCK it. If you and your partner are big Harry Potter fans then that HP onesie you found on Etsy will do just fine. (Yep! That happened!)

How many outfits should I bring? // Around 3-5 different pieces of lingerie. I always suggest having a matching base you can throw accessories over; a solid color lace underwear and bra works well for this. But the rest is up to you...teddies, a comfy sweater, baby-dolls, slips etc are great! While my personal philosophy is "less is more," you can, however, bring extra accessories like a piece of jewelry, a shawl, or heels, as well. I

So, uhm, can I go nude? // YES! All boudoir sessions are photographed tastefully and as an art-form. I never push my clients to do anything they’re not comfortable with but I do ask that you trust me, as your photographer, to create beautiful, natural images that make you feel your very best. While most girls are apprehensive at first, these are always the images they end up choosing from their galleries.

Do you edit the images? // I sure do! All images you receive will be edited, high resolution images. While I do smooth out obvious blemishes and/or scars, I don't alter who you are. These sessions are about celebrating yourself and embracing your true beauty; they're about being a total bad-ass and owning it!

Should I get my hair and makeup done? // That is completely up to you! For most of my clients, getting their hair and makeup done means one less thing for them to worry about. They feel beautiful and confident and it shows in their images.

Quick Tip // Be sure your fingers and toes have a  pretty mani/pedi and/or are clean before the session, even if it's just a clear polish!

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