Julie + Sam | Auburn, NY Springside Inn Wedding Photography


Last weekend I traveled to Auburn, NY (about 40 miles outside of Syracuse) to photograph Julie + Sam's Owasco lakeside wedding at the historic Springside Inn. I met Julie while attending a wedding in Maine for a mutual friend about 5 years ago; we chatted briefly about our similar study abroad experiences and our time spent in East Africa. Years later, I received an email from Julie that went a little something like this... 

"In a slightly (or maybe not so slightly) drunken stupor you and I chatted about having both studied abroad in Tanzania at a wedding in Maine! I'm not sure if you remember me, but both Sam and I have been following your website ever since meeting you and are HUGE fans your work."

And I remember thinking, of COURSE I remember you! You're the only one I've ever known to be crazy enough to choose a third world country for your college study abroad semester! And the rest is history. Julie's aesthetic and attention to detail made every aspect of this wedding a dream to photograph, not to mention their ridiculously awesome friends and family who made me laugh all weekend long. Thanks for sharing this amazing day with me, and for trusting me to capture it! I wish you both all the best, and a beautiful time in Quebec! Bon Voyage! 



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