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Image from  Deb + Zack's Portland, OR Wedding  last fall!

Image from Deb + Zack's Portland, OR Wedding last fall!

I love Pinterest! And I know that my clients do, too. From planning a party to planning healthy dinners, Pinterest is a great tool to help you stay organized and on-track in a sea of google-searches and great ideas. But if not used correctly, Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to planning your wedding day. There is just so much out there, and if you're not an organized pinner, like myself, it's easy to lose your ideas. Today, I'm going to share with you The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly when it comes to using Pinterest to plan your wedding. 

The Good.

Find Your Style //

Pinterest is a great tool for planning your wedding when it comes to finding inspiration for the style of your celebration. My suggestion is to start with one board only, at first, and pin 30-40 different images you find aesthetically pleasing. (In other words, the stuff you like to look at, whether you can explain why or not.) Once you've done that, open the board and note what the pins have in common- Do they all have a Rustic feel, or are they geared toward a Glitz + Glam style? Maybe it's Bohemian or maybe it's Black Tie. Whatever it is, take note and begin the next step. 

Describe It //

Now that you know the style of your wedding, create additional boards for each aspect; floral design, hair + makeup, attire, cakes, invites, etc and a general board for wedding planning tips. (Check out more of our Tips + Tricks here!) As you pin, be sure that the content you're pinning aligns with the style of your wedding. Whatever you pin, describe what it is exactly that you like about the pin or image in the description box, so that your vendors know what to be inspired by.

You can see that I've divided the different aspects of wedding planning into multiple boards: 

Share With Your Vendors //

Sharing your Pinterest board with vendors can help them understand the style of your wedding day. Even though your hair might not be long enough for a certain style that you've pinned, pinning other hairdos within a similar style, can help your hair stylist figure out an alternative. Another vendor that also might want to see your Pinterest board is your calligrapher! If they know the style and the color palette of your wedding, they'll be able to choose fonts and colors that will compliment it. 

This is what my Invite Inspiration board looks like:


The Bad (And Sometimes, The Ugly.)

Blocks Creativity //

Pinterest is, occasionally, my worst nightmare, if used incorrectly. The worst thing you can do is send a Pinterest board to your photographer with a list of must-have shots. Wedding photography, like any other type of photography or art medium, is a creative process. As a photographer, if I am worried about creating every pose you've pinned on pinterest, I am no longer paying attention to what is in front of me, but rather creating pictures from someone else's wedding day.

Lacks Authenticity //

You want your wedding images to be a genuine and authentic representation of you as a couple, and in order for me to create that, I need to photograph the feelings and actions at YOUR wedding day, instead of copying and re-creating them from someone else's. 


So How Does Pinterest + Wedding Photography Mix?

Photography Style //

After you've created that first board I talked about, take a look at the style of images you've pinned from a photography stand-point. Are they all "light and airy?" Or are they darker and maybe a bit moodier? Use the style of photographs you've pinned to help you determine what photography style you'd like to have at your wedding! This will help you hire the right photographer.

My Pinterest Boards //

I've created Pinterest boards that can help you plan for your wedding. Everything from Decorations + Favors to Wedding Menus and Hairstyles, I've got you covered across a ton of different wedding styles. We pin almost every day, so be sure to follow along with us for updated, relevant content daily!


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