The Black Tux | A Guy's Guide to Renting Wedding Garb

I was super stoked when The Black Tux, your ‘not so traditional online suit and tuxedo rental company,' asked me to spread the word about their Wedding Guest Style Guide for Washington DC. While the company offers their services to only men at this time (gentlemen- check out their tuxedo and suit selection here,) the graphic takes you through each type of dress based on the style of the wedding for both guy and gal attendees. The Black Tux offers quality threads that you can order conveniently online and shipped right to your door. It's kind of like Rent the Runway, but for dudes! 


With summer quickly approaching in Washington DC (it kind of feels like we bypassed spring and went straight to 90 degree days, doesn't it?) it's sometimes difficult to dress for both the heat and the event type, especially when so many of those downtown DC weddings are black tie. As a wedding photographer, I've collected some tips + tricks over the years to help you keep cool during the day and toasty at night for those outdoor summer weddings. (.01) Throw a travel size deodorant in your purse - even if you don't end up needing it, the peace of mind will prevent extra perspiration. (.02) Wear cotton undies to keep you dry "down there"- no man made fabrics! (.03) Stay hydrated- since weddings are usually overflowing with alcohol, be sure to drink lots of water. My mom is convinced that a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage keeps you cool (and collected.) (.04) Wear comfortable shoes- these Holland Heeled Sandals from Banana Republic style blogger It's Julien recommends are perfect for any wedding type or style. (.05) And finally, bring a shawl. My black pashmina from World Market is both stylish and functional and perfect for when the temperature drops in the evening. 



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