Ashley + Danny | Bellport, Long Island Wedding Photography

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I met Dan when I was six. He probably doesn’t remember me from when I was a little kid but his younger brother Jay was my first friend. To this day, I can remember us playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? in Ms. Koskinen’s first grade classroom. Jay and I continued to be best friends and so for most of our lives, we looked on while his older brother grew up, went to college, and, eventually, met Ashley. And while I wasn’t there the day Dan and Ashley were introduced (although Jay spoke beautifully about their meeting at Old Inlet during his Best Man speech) a funny thing happened the morning of Ashley and Dan’s wedding. As I was packing my camera bag, I got an alert on my phone that my Timehop was ready. Anyone else use this app? In short, it tells you what you posted (statuses, pictures, memes…) on social media in the past…one year ago, two years ago, etc. Well, it turned out, that coincidentally, on their wedding day four years ago, we were all together at Jay and Dan’s parent’s beach house. The universe works in mysterious ways. When I got to the house to photograph Ashley and her bridesmaids, we all poured over the pictures. It was a really really nice way to begin the morning and that excitement carried on through out the day. It was beautiful. I can truly say that I have never photographed a couple so in love and so in sync. And since they had met at the beach, it was only appropriate that towards the end of their day, they took a boat ride together to the beach to finish their portraits and to toast to their life together.