How to Style Your Home as a Couple | Washington DC Interior Design Photography



Earlier this week I got to spend some time with new homeowners Tina + Ricky at their newly designed apartment in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington DC. Tina, the owner and media strategist of MAVN, a new public relations consulting firm in the area, shared with me a bit about what it was like to design and style their new home together as a couple, how they overcame some of the challenges that home ownership brings, and where they sourced all of their inspiration for their absolutely beautiful home! Let us know what you think by leaving us some love and scroll down for a chance to win a free photoshoot of your home! //


How might you describe the style of the space? 

I love that with this new space, I was able to integrate some of my favorite old pieces in with the new. At the moment, I would call my style boho with a mix of mid-century modern. My pinboards are currently filled with tons of Scandinavian design -- I love any space that is simple and clean looking.

Did the design of the space include both you and your husband's style? How were you able to successfully fuse your unique individual styles into a brand new hybrid style that works for the both of you? 

Yes! Ricky and I’s taste has definitely evolved since we first met. It kind of started as rustic/vintage, and has now changed into more of a mid-century look. He prefers the clean lines, but is okay with me adding a little bit of my boho style. It’s all about compromise!

As a new home owner, what's your advice for couples styling their new home?

I would say, getting rid of the clutter and keeping your design choices simple makes for a nice looking home -- no matter what! Keep old pieces, and mix them in the with the new. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there. It’s always good to remember that your home is a work in progress.

Any DIY projects/elements in the space?

The hanging light chords in our bedroom are my favorite DIY project so far.

What are your favorite pieces in your new home?

My favorite part of our condo is the all of the amazing natural light. It allows me to keep everything white, clean, and crisp -- and let our furniture and textiles pop. The white walls and natural light makes our 900 sq/ft condo feel so much bigger.

Our West Elm bed frame is a second favorite because it was the first “nice” piece of furniture Ricky and I ever bought together -- six years later, it's still my favorite piece.

The antlers hanging in our office gallery wall are another favorite of mine because we paid $50 for the pair at an estate sale in SF almost five years ago. I always love a good vintage find!

How did you collect/manage the inspiration for your design?

Pinterest has been a major source of not only inspiration, but also a way for me to manage and collect all of my design ideas. I also follow a ton of design brands and designers on Instagram -- which gives me a ton of inspiration. Rue Magazine, Lonny, Domaine are a few of my favorites.

You guys just moved to Washington DC from San Francisco this past winter. Have your past homes or travels influenced any of your pieces? 

Ricky and I have lived in a few different cities together including DC, San Francisco, and Austin -- and I think our place kind of represents a little bit of everywhere we have lived. I think it's a good mix of east + west coast styles!  


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