LIMA + CUSCO + AREQUIPA | Travel Photography

I went to Peru this summer with one of my closest friends. Lindsay and I met while we were volunteering in a rural village at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Boma Ngombe, Tanzania. (That’s a mouth full, huh?) Our friendship began on the night I arrived in Boma when I realized that my mind might have been too brave for my heart and that the prospect of living in a scene straight out of The Lion King was not all it was cracked up to be. Lindsay, at that point a complete stranger but my roommate for the next month, picked me up off the floor, told me to wipe the snot off my nose, and get it together. She’s a total badass. And I’ll be forever grateful for that act of “tough love” because if I had gone home, like I wanted to, I would have missed the trip and a friendship of a lifetime. (Lindsay later confided in me that she, too, was scared shitless and most of the reason she told me to stay was because she was petrified of bunking alone…but don’t tell her I told you that.)

That trip was almost seven years ago and, except for a couple of quick weekend trips when we were still in college, our friendship was founded huddling for warmth on the outskirts of The Ngorongoro Crater with zebras crunching on mouth-fulls of grass outside of our tent. Oh, and monthly hand-written letters, too. I’m dead serious. No e-mails here. I have an entire box of her letters and she mine that we’ve been writing back and forth since we left Africa. (We’ve actually been slacking a bit since our planning for Peru. Linds-let’s start that up again.)

My friendship with Lindsay is the kind you can go four years without physically being together and pick right back up where you left off. And that’s exactly how our trip to Peru went. This trip would be the first time we’d seen each other in years. Lindsay flew in late on a Friday night and I, Saturday morning. As soon as I walked into our hotel room we hugged, napped, bought a bottle (or two) of wine at a local market and caught up on our balcony over-looking the Pacific. And just like that, it was as if we’d never left our little village in Tanzania.

If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, you’re probably thinking I’m going to share with you some seriously rad images from Peru. And if you didn’t make it this far (I don’t blame you- this was supposed to be a quick post that turned into a letter I probably meant to send to Lindsay- like I said, we’ve been slacking) you’re probably wondering, where the heck are the seriously rad images from Peru? Sorry Charlies. I left my camera at home. I challenged myself to live in the moment and to get creative with my iPhone. If you follow my personal image journey on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen most of these. But if not, here you are: a little peak into my two week journey to Peru. (And, uhm, follow my Instagram. My personal has lots of pictures of my feet. You’ll see.)