How Can I Help my Photographer? | Washington DC Wedding Photography + Tips


By the time you’ve hired me as your photographer, you’ve probably already chosen your wedding venue. This is both exciting (and challenging) for me because I get to explore and photograph a new space. However, one of the questions I am most frequently asked is “what makes my wedding bloggable?” You’ll notice that I don’t blog all of the weddings I shoot and one of the biggest reasons for that is location. While all weddings are unique and beautiful in their own way, not all venues happen to jive with my brand and style of photography. While I happily photograph many country club weddings throughout the year, they’re not necessarily unique to their city and may not be showcased on my blog as much, as say, a wedding in an old farm house or a reception at an industrial brewery downtown. It’s not to say that the country club weddings aren’t beautiful (most are to-die-for!) but when it comes to showcasing my work, I’m interested in displaying the atypical.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a space to say “I do.” Here is what I suggest…



By now you’ve probably heard that when it comes to photographing a wedding, light is e v e r y t h i n g. Chances are, you’ve chosen me as your photographer because you’re attracted to my photography style and more than likely, this is because you prefer naturally lit photographs over images taken with external light (flashes, etc.) While I do use flash for most of my reception images, I prefer to shoot most weddings using available light. When choosing a space for the bride and groom to get ready, it’s important to find rooms with lots of windows. Not only will this allow for beautiful images, but your hair and makeup artists will be happy with a well lit room, as well.

The ceremony and reception space is a bit different. If your celebration is taking place at night, you’ll obviously need some external light. Try staying away from wonky colored up-lighting and, instead, stick to warm lighting from cafe lights or candles. Also, if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the evening, a white tent works wonders for when using a flash. Instead of me having to direct the flash into the faces of your guests, I’ll be able to bounce it towards the ceiling, creating even and non-intrusive, additional light. The same goes for white ceilings.



Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large affair, the design of your wedding has a major impact on how I photograph it. It’s important not to confuse this piece of advice with the need for a wedding designer (a planner, however, is EVERYTHING…but more on that later); some of my favorite weddings I’ve photographed are minimalist with little to no decorations. I’m talking the design of the space; is the room you’re having your hair and makeup done stale and mechanical? Or is it creative with character? I want the weddings I blog to serve as inspiration for future brides and grooms.



The emotional dynamic throughout a wedding day is one of the most heartwarming experiences I have the ability to photograph. Capturing your groom’s tears as you walk down the aisle or a laugh shared among college roommates is what helps tell your unique story. Future clients want to know that I’m able to document those important moments; the more emotion I’m able to record with my lens, the more likely your images will appear in my portfolio.



I take risks in my photography, and I enjoy creating images that are one-of-a-kind. You might look at me funny when I ask the both of you to cross the street and climb to the top of a vacant parking garage, but I probably see an angle that one might not, and I promise that I’m not (totally) crazy. I need my couples to trust me that I am creating something special for them.


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